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History Books

Edom and the Hyksos
by David J. Gibson

David J. Gibson compares the ancient Edomite Kingdom with the mysterious Hyksos people who invaded Egypt. He provides many thought provoking ideas and some startling conclusions. Well researched and well written. This is a must for any scholars of the Old Testament. Much of this material has been re-edited and republished in Qur'anic Geography, complete with footnotes and updates from current research and history.


E-Book $5.00
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The Life of Muhammad
Alfred Guillaume
In this volume, Alfred Guillaume has searched through the writtings of various early Islamic historians, and has combined them together toproduce this account. The books he used include Ibn Hisham, and Al Tabari. It is easy to read, and has over 800 pages. It is available only in PDF version. Please allow time for the pdf file to download. 80 MB in size.


E-Book $0.00
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The Nabataeans, Builders of Petra

A fascinating look at the ancient Nabataean Kingdom! During the time of the Greek and Roman Empires, this small Arabian empire built spectacular cities in the Arabian Desert. Their ships and camel caravans traveled to far off exotic places to bring luxury goods to European markets. Since they held a monopoly on almost all eastern goods, they slowly raised their prices, until they almost brought the great European Empires to their knees. Flush with cash, they built the incredible city of Petra, hidden away in a mountain ravine. Discover all this and more in this exciting book!

E-Book $  2.99

Note: This is not an accademic book.

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