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Books for Islamic Studies

This book contains all of the data behind the documentary film The Sacred City. Viewers of this film can now check the background data for themselves and investigate further arguments that were not included in the film. Complete with hundreds of images, charts, maps and footnotes, this volume clearly challenges traditionally held Islamic history. Click the book cover to download a 5 page pdf.

 Early Islamic Qiblas

New archeological evidence clearly demonstrates that early Islamic mosques were not erroneously oriented as previously thought. Using modern technology and satellite imaging, Canadian historian Dan Gibson has discovered that early Islamic mosques were oriented to four different places. And they are not where Islam expects them to be.

For the first time in history Dan Gibson has undertaken a comprehensive survey of Islamic mosques from the first two centuries of Islam. Using this data, Gibson demonstrates that Muhammad and the first four caliphs all prayed towards a different place! This location was also the focus of their pilgrimage. Gibson believes that Muslims are disobeying their prophet by focusing their prayers on a Black Stone in Saudi Arabia, when the Quran commands them to face the original location.

Hardcover Full color, 308 pages,
Independent Scholars Press
ISBN: 978-1-927581-22-3
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$ 60.00 plus shipping
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 Qur'anic Geography

by Dan Gibson

E-BOOK - PDF format

This file is 80 MB in size, so please allow plenty of time for downloading.

A survey and evaluation of the geographical references in the Qur'an with suggested solutions for various problems and issues. This reference book examines the various geographical references made in the Qur'an. It looks extensively at "the people of 'Ad," the people of Thamud," the Midianites, Medina and Mecca. This is the is the book that first suggested that the Holy City of Islam is really Petra in Jordan rather than Mecca in Saudi Arabia.

 Printed copy for only $45 plus postage


PDF file: $15.00

L'Islam de Pétra Réponse À La Thèse de Dan Gibson (French Edition) 

Le présent ouvrage tente de présenter au lecteur francophone, la thèse de Dan Gibson, qui postule que l'islam serait né à Pétra et non pas à la Mecque actuelle. Cette hypothèse hardie, disons-le, repose sur de nombreux arguments archéologiques mais aussi textuels issus du Coran, de la tradition prophétique et des sources historiques islamiques. L'argument archéologique principal mis en avant par l’auteur est l’étonnante convergence de la direction des premières mosquées vers la cité de Pétra et non pas vers la Mecque, comme on pourrait s’y attendre. Quant aux arguments textuels tirés du Coran et de la tradition, ils décrivent selon l'interprétation de Gibson, une géologie, une faune et une flore ne correspondant pas à un lieu désertique comme celui d’une ville du Hedjaz. La présentation des travaux de Gibson est suivie d'une revue critique incluant les avis de grands spécialistes tels que le Pr David King, le Dr Rick Oakes, la thèse alternative d'Amod Jason Deus, l'avis du Dr Edouard-Marie Gallez sur la critique du Pr King et enfin notre propre évaluation critique.

$ 48.50 US

Hans Wehr Arabic/English Dictionary 

This is the original version of the Hans-Wehr dictionary. The latest version is version 4, and is only available in print copy. You can purchase the latest one from Amazon. This copy is of the original dictionary (with less entries and pages than the latest edition.)
This dictionary is not for everyone. The words in this dictionary are not listed in alphabetical order. Rather, they are listed by the Arabic roots. If you do not understand Arabic grammar, this dictionary you will not find this dictionary easy to use.


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PDF File

 The Mecca Question

This 20 page booklet by Jeremy Smyth examines the section of Gibson's new book on Qur'anic Geography that claims that Mecca is not the Holy City of Islam. This is a short review of the evidence presented in the larger book. Click here if you would like to purchase Gibson's complete copy of Qur'anic Geography.

The Mecca Question is free to download, copy, and pass on to your friends. Click the photo for the download links.


By Alfred Guillaume
An overview of the basic tenants of Islam. First published in the 1950s.


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The Traditions of Islam
By Afred Guillaume
over 160 pages
Explaining the evolution of Hadith, the Umayyad and Abbasid periods, criticism of Hadiths by Muslims, and selected Hadiths. PDF file format for immediate download.


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The Life of Muhammad
In this volume, Alfred Guillaume has searched through the writtings of various early Islamic historians, and has combined them together toproduce this account. The books he used include Ibn Hisham, and Al Tabari. It is easy to read, and has over 800 pages. It is available only in PDF version. Please allow time for the pdf file to download. 80 MB in size.


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The Qur'an
Contained in a Microsoft Word file in UNICODE text. (docx format) This file is in Arabic and the fonts may be change to any Arabic font.


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Word File

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